Welcome to DeepRoots

A Genealogical Site of the Family of Matthew Langiano

When I first started researching the history of my family over a decade ago, I was mainly inquisitive about my Italian heritage. My surname was a complete mystery to myself and everyone else around me. I only had a few names, dates, and gravestones to begin my ancestry journey along with a few unhelpful pictures. Even though I had very little to start, I figured I was only one ancestry.com subscription and a few hours away from unlocking all the answers to the treasurable Langiano last name. I quickly realized this was not going to be an hour-long episode of “Who Do You Think You Are?”. It took me several years and a lot of reading to educate myself on where to find the proper resources and how to use them to become a good family historian. In the last two years, these tools have made the family tree grow into the counting thousands. The main of objective of this family genealogy site is to share the wealth of knowledge I have gained throughout my research, not only on the Italian side, but all the ethnic roots in my family tree and yours. I welcome you to our DeepRoots!!

Photo courtesy of my favorite daughter Isabella Langiano